Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fly Gal

Evolution of music, at last
Lightning, thunder...our souls clash
Soul searching through depression has truly become an obsession.
Obsessed with women who are obsessive.
Granted, I'm magic at first sight. Scuffles always end in fights. Right?
Wrong. I long for happy days and happy nights. 5 minute drives aren't what they used to be. Got too used to we. Usually, I'm used to these. Mishaps at midnight.
Midflight, I'm a fly by. A fly guy with a fly gal. Tuck tail, guess I ended up like pops. I gotta stop. I love too many. Who, any. Count every penny, cause too much change will make you feel this way. Feel my way. I'm still here today.
I could write for days. No guarantees it will all be potent, but accept my purity as I dose you. No one knows you, you only know what I told you. Soak tears of old flames, old games we used to play when I was still sane. Drained by those you've tamed. Come rain. Wash away the stains of past lives and sad eyes. Sad lies that tend to reprise when my disguise runs dry. A boy to a man, no lent hands. Always sinking deeper and deeper. White sands. I love it. No composition. A transition from spittin'. I'm siftin' and sequencing. This me sentencing my sentences. Life, no parole. No where to go. Just let it flow. Optimos lines with pure cocaine, dead brain....rather, brain dead. Under fed, star lit diet of dreams and expectations. That's right, fore play relations. Four play temptations. 2 factors define the equation of inflation and greatness.
Memories are nice.
A grain of rice is our only device.
Add spice and deduct lives.

Be that easy.

No teasing.


you and I.