Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009


With power, comes the need to protect yourself from any weaknesses you may have. Ultimately, you become dull....lose yourself...lose your personality. You are merely...normal. You second guess expression and wonder what others will think. In essence, you are exiled from Neverland. And by you I mean me....
I don't enjoy writing...
I don't relax...
I worry
I stress the next day.

We keep chasin' dollars...and honestly....I don't know.
My girl...stresses me out. And I think it's more myself...because my imagination gets the best of me.
My son usually clears my head....but I even find myself worrying about every little thing he does.
I can't relax.

I'm not a kid anymore and I hate it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I hope you're on it

Forgot how to write these things..."I ain't a blogger"....

guess you checked the blogspot. Nas' Illmatic on deck. One Love.

I don't do so well at writing complete sentences. Forgot how to do that a long time ago. Party tonight....studio 1st...then who knows?

Relax my dome, left my phone at home, i'm home alone...the lone drone, foam gut is what the fucks up. chin up, sit up, i'm workin' out the outlet. this is out quick...a rod with madonna, somethin' u don't wanna...see...see me...see we...be...this...that dank shit...rise up above, shorty wop....too hot....above 88...that's too far back...react, ya shit's wack....no splack...avelli, remember ol' girl? really? ha

i need 2 go read. fair was dope. vodka and lemonade....all day. jason castro punched an innocent bystander. no lie.


Sunday, August 16, 2009


Writing is a form a rhyme that dictates your mind into well orchestrated genocide.

This is love, you and I.

Tired of, but wired to, the music in which I inspire to...base my blue print...this is blueness in a green masterpiece. Dad's deceased...out of his well being and victim of the all seeing.

Good gawd. This is some frustrating shit. Might cut off an ear. Maybe it will inspire me.

I'm Van Gone.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't Recreate

Hello, hello

I tend to not give my full attention to these things anymore. A bit of a fault on my side. Guess I feel other things are more important. Huge vice of mine. That was redundant. Anyways, got a letter from my bro today. Says he wants to build a studio. Lookin' for a group of artists. If any cats are interested, get at me and let me know somethin'. Waitin' on some Taco Cabana. Chicken quesadilla is where it's at. Quiet night at home. Might get some writing done.

Here's a nice vid to watch. 50 grand?!!? wtf. I thought my shit was bad.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Preface - Almost There (FREE Download)

Preface - Almost There
Download NOW! FREE!!! FREE!!!! FREE!!!!

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I guess it's best that I start to write a few things in here. Album drops tomorrow. Actually tonight...at midnight...when the freaks come out. I'm excited. Will be working on new project soon. Stoked about that. I get to work w/ Perplex who is def one of my fav producers. Kids got skills...and he's a very good reason why Almost There will be out. Thank you, sir.Album covers will be in tomorrow morning. My son's waiting for me at home. Gotta busy day tomorrow. Found this cool piece. Check it out.Oh...and cop the new 2pac/Snoop track that never got released until now. No worries, it isn't beaten Pac music that's been rehashed for money purposes. It's heart. Mos def. Enjoy. I'll write soon.
Until next time,Yessir

P.SO (P.CASSO) shows you how to sample using Guitar Hero! from P.SO (P.CASSO) on Vimeo.

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's been a while. My net is gone, so I have to come to the pool in order to spew my thoughts through a wi-fi connection. My girl is losing it...and I think I'm losing it a long with her. Getting to a point in life where I want to start over again. Grew up too fast and I need to find my nitch. Confidence is building and I think music might be it. My friend Ketner just quit his life to devote it entirely to guitar. I can respect that. Will I do the same for the rhyme? I guess I'll know in time. Until then, all I can do is live line for line. I'm passed my prime so my only intentions are to supply the masses with classics that were classicaly written for the sole purpose of spittin. Dig it?

Nah. Didn't think you would.

Just found out my friend Alyssa got her leg impaled. Sorry to hear that....hope you're alright.
Anyways, I'm assuming no one reads this....yet I'm a bit hesitant to totally barf my thoughts on to this thing. Odd.


I need to talk to my friend Matthew. He just quit his job too.

Good job, Matthew.

Before I go...

Lickety split, two strings and a riff. Tired of converting PDFs to Tiffs. Done caught the jist, it was a hit and miss...now I'm torn between that and this.

Goodbye and Goodnight

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ok, I guess it's time I make a real post. I'm almost always contradicting....I mean....a little bit....but not really. Kind of.
Anyways, the past two posts were just me testing the Blogosphere waters. Which is kind of dumb, because I HAD a blog...and lots of people VISITED. But I think they only visitED because they know me.
I'm off track.
We shall call him Preface. I will share a few rhymes here and there. Some personal info...and some of my bias, soap box opinions. If you don't like it. Thank you. If you do. Thanks again. I just need to find some way to vent because I'm an extremely introverted person and don't trust individuals to help me. Instead, I turn to the public...because public speaking is far more easier than one-on-one speaking.
So...I'm hoping that this will release the Dali in me. Because lately I've been more like Adolph Hitler's attempt at art (not successful).

So....While you're here. Check the shameless promotion!


I gotta go peep some legal docs. If you read this, let me know you're alive.



I'm cool

I figured out how to make my blog look spiffy.  I write this to no one...than no one will know.  So, this is purely self satisfying.  Like a blunt. 


I'm working on my new mixtape...Almost There.  I have 4 tracks down.
Gotta finish by the summer time.  Mos def.
Charles Hamilton is a beast.

I'm out again.  Until next time...

Under the Sun

Hi, world.

I will begin writing this blog in hopes that I can retrieve my lost artistic powers. I will write about nothing...and a little bit of everything.

For instance, work blows. I'm in trouble.

And I think I've just come to accept that it will always be this way with any woman. Because...I'm an asshole...and I taint people. Peep my peep hole. See yo, It's already workin'. Closet Freaks like Cee-lo.

I have Verbal TS.


Ok, I'm off to surf the web.

Shout outs to the Beach Boys!