Sunday, October 11, 2009


With power, comes the need to protect yourself from any weaknesses you may have. Ultimately, you become dull....lose yourself...lose your personality. You are merely...normal. You second guess expression and wonder what others will think. In essence, you are exiled from Neverland. And by you I mean me....
I don't enjoy writing...
I don't relax...
I worry
I stress the next day.

We keep chasin' dollars...and honestly....I don't know.
My girl...stresses me out. And I think it's more myself...because my imagination gets the best of me.
My son usually clears my head....but I even find myself worrying about every little thing he does.
I can't relax.

I'm not a kid anymore and I hate it.


  1. Bitching is my forte, j/k but I just wanted to welcome you into this world called grownup's... yeah I second that I hate it too... I can't really go by what I look at in the mirror to remind me of how old I really am, good thing I know it though. There is something to look foward to I promise, little pleasures you could of never enjoyed before. The good will come sweeter I swear it will but the bad will be as bad as you let it be. It's all up to you :)

  2. Just saw this....and it came at a good time. Thank you.