Thursday, December 23, 2010

Piss The World Off

How real is that? The feel of it quite tempting. Tempting, as in I just may. Ha. I'm told I think too much. I do. I used to be free flowing because I lived in Neverland. Now, I only visit on the weekends. My fault? Probably. But, can you blame me? Maybe it's the reason I feel I must always remind myself that these blogs are for me....and only for me. It's a fish eye view of what still goes on up here. So, dissect it as you must. At the end of the day, I know what I meant. My good friend purchased me a Christmas present this year. The gift of giving is a beautiful thing...but you can't front...receiving is awesome. Maybe it's because I haven't received any gifts that truly touched my soul as this one did, in a very long while....but...I'm thankful for the people I surround myself with. I'm constantly trying to convince myself that I do this for me, but the end of the day, it's for my people. Being selfish is a bit overrated. Tell the philosopher and the economist and they'll tell you otherwise. But that's cool....we've become a body who rages against the machine. Word to Zack De La Rocha. This isn't supposed to make sense. (See, there I go again) I'm gonna take it and run with it. New Year signifies a fresh start. It's time to hit hard. Pussy is power....and you boys better remember that. Don't be so literal either. It will be the death of you. Laziness and sickness has taken its toll. I'm still researching but I think I'm getting closer to a solution. Her hips kill me. Her thighs take me....and her...heh, yeah....sacrifices me. We know what it is. Brush your teeth, children.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Swan Song

I've nothing to write about. Begin contradiction: Lose yourself. The words have never been more true. I've invited beautiful people into my life. I've sifted out the debris. I love you. For everything. 13. The design only evolves. I'm getting back on track. I'll touch her hand one day. Broken thoughts are for me. A reminder as to what I'm supposed to be doing. What I've come to do. Never wager with me. Especially when it comes to H.E.R. I've cleansed my habitat. Soon, I will create. And I dedicate it all to those of you who envy....those consumed with jealousy, hate...and most importantly, the dream killers. Fuck your numbers. Fuck your connect. Fuck your inconsideration. I'm not negative...just human. To Plex: everyday you convince me that gravity isn't real. The realist negates....the dreamer accepts. Thank you. For everything.
I don't read over these.
Lose yourself.
Even if it kills you.
Sing your swan song.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Common Advice

Write about what you know. Anything else is useless. Study your art. If not, you'll be bland. Don't be cookie cutter. You know this. Don't listen to me. Search for the ideal. Create the idea. Create. Bask. Love. Enjoy. Defy.

I don't need labels for this post. Fuck you, blogger.

It don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Romance Novel

NuRomantic project's almost done. Week 1. Live performance at Starbucks Uptown. Lend me your ears. Ms. Fat Booty, she was like, "Yo, I'm leavin' now". Ha, I can't use rhymes on here anymore....they end up going to waste. So, spew. Pure spewage. Still looking for some warmth between the sheets. We'll see. Uh oh. Contradicted. Eh, art right? Art show tonight! Oh no! Again again! I'm spent.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do It Again...

Still crazy talk. Take it in. Enjoy the little shit. Pretty soon, there will be nothing left to enjoy. I sound like a crazy. So...I gotta keep it player. And sometimes...that is a task. But, I maintain. I surround myself with beautiful people to fight my demons. She's right. I do have a habit of quoting myself. No progress yet. I promise. Something by this weekend. I have the time to make it work. Evolving Ignorance....always. I just ate some bomb ass macaroni. I just realized I need to change my name. Once something is evolved it is finished. I'm not finished. Again, this is mine. So. Fuck it.

Go green.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Believe The Hype

It's amazing what a few words can do. The pen IS mightier than the sword [My Lord]. To be totally honest, I can't be totally honest. Honestly :)
I think the universe heard me. Decided to give me a taste of lust. Now I'm starved and wondering what the next move is. Nevermind, I know. Ha. This blog is my state of mind. So. No pardon needed. Eat it.
Black and white photographs.
Wudup, Soul Sistas. Lust is in the air. I can cut oxygen with my tongue.
Try me.
Bite me.
Sweets are delicious. Dimples Cupcakes have inspired me to be fuckin' ATOMIC. So, Hey!....ha.
I wish your perspective of me looked like a Renoir painting. Smeared only after I break your heart. There's still beauty.
Every becomes more and more dull. So. I lose myself in instrumentals and m-boxes. Box up, chump.

Dude's loco.

Oh so.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Stroke of Genius

So. I need to write. As of right now, the new body of music will be called: Lonely Season. Javier Loredo will be doing the art. This is the picture I have in my head. I'm in search of a muse. A woman to lie in bed and count freckles with. I've decided to let go. So. If the music is overly emotional. So be it. Women. Always there. Excuse the short sentences. Vague, I know. But, this is meant for venting, is it not? My job is to leave enough work behind to be remembered by. Lie with'll acquire immortality. I promise. Deadly sins. I'm cool with it if you are. I want to make love to an artist while a symphony plays to our movement. Movement...singular. We'll move as one.

This should suffice today. Good and Evil are always at war. I'll fuck Ayn Rand 'till she loves me. I'm a dreamer. Accept it. Ideal death scenario? Lungs filled with ink. So that you can breath me....permanently.


Monday, February 8, 2010


Given the circumstances, I'm a victim of bad circumstance
Never diluted. Purely recluse.
Allow me this induce
Abuse logic you may have so selfishly abandoned.
Single thinking. Drinking from waters polluted with bad ideas.
I'm a bad idea questioning the right methods. Never expected but always selective.

I have things to do. People to see. Excuse me.

I'm a victim of bad circumstance.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fly Gal

Evolution of music, at last
Lightning, thunder...our souls clash
Soul searching through depression has truly become an obsession.
Obsessed with women who are obsessive.
Granted, I'm magic at first sight. Scuffles always end in fights. Right?
Wrong. I long for happy days and happy nights. 5 minute drives aren't what they used to be. Got too used to we. Usually, I'm used to these. Mishaps at midnight.
Midflight, I'm a fly by. A fly guy with a fly gal. Tuck tail, guess I ended up like pops. I gotta stop. I love too many. Who, any. Count every penny, cause too much change will make you feel this way. Feel my way. I'm still here today.
I could write for days. No guarantees it will all be potent, but accept my purity as I dose you. No one knows you, you only know what I told you. Soak tears of old flames, old games we used to play when I was still sane. Drained by those you've tamed. Come rain. Wash away the stains of past lives and sad eyes. Sad lies that tend to reprise when my disguise runs dry. A boy to a man, no lent hands. Always sinking deeper and deeper. White sands. I love it. No composition. A transition from spittin'. I'm siftin' and sequencing. This me sentencing my sentences. Life, no parole. No where to go. Just let it flow. Optimos lines with pure cocaine, dead brain....rather, brain dead. Under fed, star lit diet of dreams and expectations. That's right, fore play relations. Four play temptations. 2 factors define the equation of inflation and greatness.
Memories are nice.
A grain of rice is our only device.
Add spice and deduct lives.

Be that easy.

No teasing.


you and I.