Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Swan Song

I've nothing to write about. Begin contradiction: Lose yourself. The words have never been more true. I've invited beautiful people into my life. I've sifted out the debris. I love you. For everything. 13. The design only evolves. I'm getting back on track. I'll touch her hand one day. Broken thoughts are for me. A reminder as to what I'm supposed to be doing. What I've come to do. Never wager with me. Especially when it comes to H.E.R. I've cleansed my habitat. Soon, I will create. And I dedicate it all to those of you who envy....those consumed with jealousy, hate...and most importantly, the dream killers. Fuck your numbers. Fuck your connect. Fuck your inconsideration. I'm not negative...just human. To Plex: everyday you convince me that gravity isn't real. The realist negates....the dreamer accepts. Thank you. For everything.
I don't read over these.
Lose yourself.
Even if it kills you.
Sing your swan song.


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