Friday, March 11, 2011

Makin' Bread Rise

Mellow dramatic. Act it. Let's compact and act on pacts we promise we'll keep. Play for keeps? It's cool, we never had to. You were never mine. I was never yours. We only passed time. I'm past time. Double entendres and metaphors keep me warm at night. See, it's sort of like...lime green jolly ranchers and golden crisps. I'm golden...crisp. Sift through your stories. I know they're not all bad. ALL CAPS. You love it. Don't lie. I only did sometimes. You lie around too. Let's not be judgemental. I'm mental. Suspend you in narcotic memories. There's no better me. Believe me, they've looked. You've looked. Get over it, I'm all for it. More tip...more head, can only go up. Or down. Ha. 2+2=4. You never grasped the concept of simple math. Simple raps. That's all you ever respected. Selective hearing, hence the oblivious bearings. Bare with me. I'm nasty nice. Nasty right. Lastly...

I'm still me.
still #winning