Monday, June 22, 2009

It's been a while. My net is gone, so I have to come to the pool in order to spew my thoughts through a wi-fi connection. My girl is losing it...and I think I'm losing it a long with her. Getting to a point in life where I want to start over again. Grew up too fast and I need to find my nitch. Confidence is building and I think music might be it. My friend Ketner just quit his life to devote it entirely to guitar. I can respect that. Will I do the same for the rhyme? I guess I'll know in time. Until then, all I can do is live line for line. I'm passed my prime so my only intentions are to supply the masses with classics that were classicaly written for the sole purpose of spittin. Dig it?

Nah. Didn't think you would.

Just found out my friend Alyssa got her leg impaled. Sorry to hear that....hope you're alright.
Anyways, I'm assuming no one reads this....yet I'm a bit hesitant to totally barf my thoughts on to this thing. Odd.


I need to talk to my friend Matthew. He just quit his job too.

Good job, Matthew.

Before I go...

Lickety split, two strings and a riff. Tired of converting PDFs to Tiffs. Done caught the jist, it was a hit and I'm torn between that and this.

Goodbye and Goodnight

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