Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ok, I guess it's time I make a real post. I'm almost always contradicting....I mean....a little bit....but not really. Kind of.
Anyways, the past two posts were just me testing the Blogosphere waters. Which is kind of dumb, because I HAD a blog...and lots of people VISITED. But I think they only visitED because they know me.
I'm off track.
We shall call him Preface. I will share a few rhymes here and there. Some personal info...and some of my bias, soap box opinions. If you don't like it. Thank you. If you do. Thanks again. I just need to find some way to vent because I'm an extremely introverted person and don't trust individuals to help me. Instead, I turn to the public...because public speaking is far more easier than one-on-one speaking.
So...I'm hoping that this will release the Dali in me. Because lately I've been more like Adolph Hitler's attempt at art (not successful).

So....While you're here. Check the shameless promotion!

I gotta go peep some legal docs. If you read this, let me know you're alive.



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