Friday, July 24, 2009


I guess it's best that I start to write a few things in here. Album drops tomorrow. Actually midnight...when the freaks come out. I'm excited. Will be working on new project soon. Stoked about that. I get to work w/ Perplex who is def one of my fav producers. Kids got skills...and he's a very good reason why Almost There will be out. Thank you, sir.Album covers will be in tomorrow morning. My son's waiting for me at home. Gotta busy day tomorrow. Found this cool piece. Check it out.Oh...and cop the new 2pac/Snoop track that never got released until now. No worries, it isn't beaten Pac music that's been rehashed for money purposes. It's heart. Mos def. Enjoy. I'll write soon.
Until next time,Yessir

P.SO (P.CASSO) shows you how to sample using Guitar Hero! from P.SO (P.CASSO) on Vimeo.

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